How Do We Fix the World?


Most of us know that we can’t fix the world, nor does the world need to be fixed. The process of human evolution continues to unfold, and the greatest thing we can do is to participate consciously in our own evolution, and to bring our evolution forth through the actions we take in the world.

In other words, if we want to create a more peaceful, loving, and joyful world, we start by asking how can I be more peaceful, loving, and joyful? Then, what we do in the world can spring forth from the highest that we can currently offer from our expanding consciousness.

If we are going to march, let it be an act of love, and let it be for some beautiful ideal rather than against something.

Many people today are very angry, and often for good reason. The actions we take from anger can be very destructive and often have unintended consequences. Our actions are not just about what we do, but also about the consciousness, intention, and vibration from which we do it. If we want to create more peace in the world, acting from anger, bitterness, and animosity toward others is unlikely to take us there.

I find that when I act from anger, I am sloppy and careless in how I go about things, and I don’t see people and situations clearly.

Anger can be a good motivator, something that gets us energized to act, perhaps because we are fed up and just cannot allow an injustice to continue any longer. But before we act, let us get centered in our hearts. Let it be an act of love and service for the highest good of all concerned.

Even when working with or seemingly against what we consider to be our opposition, let us embrace those with different views and appeal to the higher ideals we want to manifest rather than personally attacking anyone (including those who might attack us). Let us be clear and strong in our ideals, but not rigid and self-righteous.

In sports, most athletes know that it is not a good idea to talk badly about their opponents, thus risking getting them more energized to oppose with greater force. The wise athlete speaks kindly and respectfully about their opponent and focuses on his or her own preparation to perform at the highest level.

When seeking to effect change in the world, the enlightened approach is to listen to all points of view, including those very different from our own. In listening to all points of view, we seek to see the value in each point of view rather than seeking to show the wrongness of them. We seek to understand what is important to those expressing the views. And we authentically communicate what is important to us.

In my experience working on conflict transformation with individuals and groups, I have found that if we can get beneath the surface and understand values and needs, we have a basis for moving forward where all parties can win. Often in life we stay on the surface, which usually only reveals the conclusions and solutions each party is advocating and not their underlying needs and values.

Our way forward as a human species will require us to cultivate compassion and a deep curiosity about those who appear different from us. It will depend on us tapping into our unlimited creativity, in new ways, to create solutions that honor the needs and values of diverse peoples, with widely varying points of view.

The good news is we are infinitely creative. Just as we have technological innovations today that just ten years ago may have seemed impossible, so too are we capable of social innovations that exceed anything that seems possible today.

The invitation this day is to remain open, curious, compassionate, and creatively energized to bring forth a world where all are honored, and each one’s needs and values are given due consideration.

Enjoy the journey.

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