Our Spiritual Director


Gregory Toole is Spiritual Director of Somseva. He is an internationally known writer, speaker, spiritual teacher and transformation facilitator. Gregory is author of the book, “A Simple Guide to Planetary Transformation,” which gives practical guidance for how one can use his or her own spiritual awakening and growth to transform the planet.

He is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living.

For the past 17 years, Gregory’s life has been dedicated to serving
humanity through teaching spirituality in both group and individual
settings. He has taught thousands of students around the world through
his classes, individual coaching, writing, and speaking engagements. 

Gregory is a spiritual adviser and coach, providing spiritual direction and
support on an individual basis to those moving through change, transition,
and challenges. Gregory’s teaching is grounded in the idea that each person
has great power to transform his or her life. From this premise he has been
able to support thousands in having breakthroughs to greater freedom and
prosperity. He specializes in teaching authentic living, unlimited prosperity,
and the practice of surrender as powerful means to living with fulfillment,
joy, and grace.

For more about Gregory Toole, click here.

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