The Untethered Soul Class LP



The Untethered Soul

An Online Class with Rev. Gregory Toole

Five Tuesdays beginning October 16, 2018
5:30 pm Pacific / 6:30 Mountain
7:30 Central / 8:30 Eastern

Each session will be recorded, so you don’t have to miss anything.

Sessions are 1 1/2 hours in duration.

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Only $69 for all five sessions.

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Based on the book “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, this course creates a clear pathway for trusting our own experience to lead us into greater spiritual depths and expanded freedom.

In this five-session class you will:

  • Identify more with yourself as the observer rather than the “monkey mind.”

  • Move from outward concerns to inward shifts that provide true freedom.

  • Get more in touch with your infinite spiritual energy that transcends fatigue.

  • Experience the power of an open heart for living fully in the present moment.

  • Release self-protection strategies that limit you.

  • Distinguish the guidance of pure awareness from the many voices in the mind.

  • Discover tools to heal the deep wounds that hinder you.

  • Learn to transcend limits by going beyond yourself.

  • Replace unreliable mental constructs with awareness of truer spiritual foundations.

  • Practice nonresistance to relieve stress and put you more in the flow of life.

About Rev. Gregory Toole

Gregory Toole is Spiritual Director of Somseva whose mission is to inspire authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practice that promote peacemaking and conscious action. ForLinkedIn_WarnkeGregoryToole20140509-IMG_6270


He is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, whose vision is revealing a world that works for everyone.

Gregory has been teaching and practicing the principles of conscious relationship and authentic living for over 10 years. He shares aspects of his own journey as well as wisdom from work with his many clients. He has taught thousands of students, through his talks, blogs, and classes, to be conscious participants in their own spiritual evolution.


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