Corporate Consulting

Trust Building, Effective Communication, and Conflict Transformation for Breakthrough Results

Our conscious communications tools and strategies lead organizations, teams, and individuals to superior, win-win solutions

Transform your organization for breakthrough business results that make the world a better place.

  • Leaders demonstrate and experience deep levels of trust.
  • Team members count on each other for personal and professional success.
  • Alignment generates powerful, cohesive, synergistic results.
  • Your organization moves effectively and confidently through any conflict that may arise, internal or external

Do you find that your teams don’t always work as well together as you’d like? Do you find that, despite your best efforts, communication often falls short? When conflict arises, could you use better tools to not only move through it, but also to use it as a learning and growth opportunity? Do you wonder what your teams could accomplish if they could go beyond “feel good” team building and achieve authentic collaboration to deliver exceptional results?

Employees of Somseva’s clients are changing their mindsets and behavioral habits to demonstrate and sustain new levels of trust.

Conscious Communication

  • Improve communication within teams and between departments.
  • Take your team beyond traditional models of communication training. Understand principles of effective communication that, when learned and applied, provide a basis for deeper understanding of communication dynamics and how they play into building trusting relationships.
  • Draw on and integrate the principles of various models of healthy and inclusive communication, such as Compassionate Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg), Conscious Living (Gay Hendricks), Transparent Communication, Circling, and Respectful Communication.
  • Learn to listen to others, be heard, and to be seen for who we really are. Somseva teaches authentic models in fostering relationships that replace inauthentic attempts to manipulate others. Staff members develop trust, and they thrive when they work in an environment that honors everyone.
  • Discover how to dissolve dysfunction in communication and relationships. Somseva teaches how we relate to one another in healthy ways, resulting in improved performance within teams and across departments. Learn to express concerns in a healthy manner, not point blame.
  • Implement a cultural shift: teams show up revitalized, stronger relationships develop within teams, and cooperation takes precedence over competition.
  • Eliminate working at cross-purposes within teams and between departments. Communication flows productively.

Conflict Transformation

  • Go for “win-win,” not just a compromise.
  • Discover a healthy process to move through conflict successfully. People can have differences, but accept and support the outcome.
  • Implement the Somseva model of consensus that takes organizations beyond hierarchy. It doesn’t mean that everyone agrees. It means we all have been heard, included, and valued. Trust is required. At some point, as a result of built trust, one might say I’m willing to go along with the wisdom of the group.
  • Many approaches view conflict as a problem, as something to be resolved through compromise so that the parties can move on. The Somseva model of conflict transformation views conflict as an opportunity for personal growth and growth of the relationships between the people involved.
  • Through conflict transformation, learn to look deeper into the underlying needs that aren’t being met and the underlying values that need recognition.
  • With conflict transformation, there is true reconciling, where the individuals and the organization move to a higher level of functioning, thus conflict becomes a catalyst for change and expansion.

Somseva teaches a deeper understanding of communication and healthy ways to work that better serve employees and the organization. Our programs offer tools and practices in deep listening and connecting that allow participants to explore differences in a safe environment where no one is made wrong and all are honored.

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