Non-Profit Consulting

Somseva’s Conscious Communications Tools and Strategies Grow and Support Healthy, Vibrant Spiritual Centers and Nonprofit Organizations

Somseva teaches spiritual education, tools, and practices that promote trust building, effective communication, and conflict transformation

Does your organization want to make a bigger difference… expand your sphere of influence… maybe even fix what may be broken in your community?

Somseva supports nonprofits and spiritual centers that are eager to up their game. We work with organizations committed to their own transformation and to engaging their transformed consciousness for the common good.

Somseva supports individuals, communities, and organizations to have more authentic relationships including more effective communication. We recognize that transforming our communities and our world begins with transforming ourselves. We specialize in conflict transformation, working with those who find themselves divided, to resolve differences by uncovering common values, using the conflict as a growth experience for all participants. We use a collaborative discovery process to reveal win-win solutions to conflicts and disagreements that honor the values of each party.

Is your organization struggling to stay relevant and maintain a vibrant community in an age of online interactions where folks think they can find all the information they need on YouTube? (All they need except personal connections IRL!)

Whether your community is challenged with a conflict, desiring a more productive working relationship, or wanting to enhance the experience of all stakeholders, we can help.

Conscious Communications

Bring your community together for a weekend learning authentic, compassionate communications. We facilitate workshops that support members to develop and maintain fulfilling relationships at home, with friends, and at work.

Peacemaking and Conscious Action

Become the go-to resource in your community for true conflict transformation. We train facilitators to accomplish authentic, heartfelt change and resolve issues in troubled communities.

Strong Teams and Enriched Working Relationships

Restore and strengthen the bonds between directors and ministers, board members and team leaders, and key stakeholders. This strong foundation will deliver your mission more effectively.

We see conflict as a creativity challenge. No one has to lose. Everyone has to change.

We deliver culture change based on conscious communication principles

What We Do

The Somseva process moves beyond traditional mediation practices and compromise to deliver authentic communication, enriched relationships, and conflict transformation. 

Somseva organization and spiritual center retreats facilitate closer working relationships between a center’s minister or director, board, and members. Rev. Gregory Toole is a caring, compassionate facilitator, guiding all participants to experience transformation that meets the immediate demands of the organization and uniquely benefits their personal growth. Participants will learn skills and practices that will benefit them far beyond their roles in the spiritual community.

  • Team Building
    • Practices designed to get to know each other better and strengthen bonds between board members and with the minister.
  • Conscious Communication tools and practices
    • Deep listening.
    • Speaking from compassion and strength.
    • Clarifying feelings, needs, wants, and values.
  • Conflict Transformation tools and practices
    • Naming issues.
    • Identifying values.
    • Discovering common ground.
    • Finding higher ground.
  • Practical Application
    • Bringing conscious communication and conflict transformation to a specific issue
    • Better understand some of the communication dynamics.
    • Apply the principles to transform any current conflicts.
    • Learn to craft agreements among participants.
  • Conscious Communication workshop for the entire community.
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