Conscious Loving Class


Online, Six Tuesdays,
starting Feb 27

In this class, Rev. Gregory Toole invites us into the opportunity to have truly authentic and fulfilling relationships by first seeing clearly where we unconsciously have sabotaged ourselves at times, and then to learn the behaviors and contents of healthy, empowered relationships. This is an experiential and practical class where you will be given tools and practices to apply to your relationships right away. (Based on the book “Conscious Loving” by Gay and Katie Hendricks) The results are up to you!

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We Are Somseva – and you are too!

Vision: A world that works for everyone

Mission: Somseva inspires authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practice that promote peacemaking and conscious action.

About Somseva:

Somseva is a global spiritual community of people committed to their own transformation and to engaging their transformed consciousness for the good of all beings everywhere. We recognize that transforming our communities and our world begins with transforming ourselves.  Read more…

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Sacred Transformation Circle

Sacred Transformation Circle

Join us for free our monthly Sacred Transformation Circle online. Check our Facebook group page to see the topic and details each month. Join the group to get notified. Click here for Facebook group page.




Listen to an Interview with Somseva Spiritual Director, Rev. Gregory Toole

Seeing Conflict as a Creativity Challenge

October 26, 2017