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Vision: A world that works for everyone

Mission: Somseva inspires authentic, compassionate relationships through spiritual education, tools, and practice that promote peacemaking and conscious action.

About Somseva:

Somseva is a global spiritual community of people committed to their own transformation and to engaging their transformed consciousness for the good of all beings everywhere. We recognize that transforming our communities and our world begins with transforming ourselves.  Read more…


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HOW to TALK. LISTEN. BE HEARD. … for a world that works for everyone.

How does a vegan talk to a non-vegan? A Democrat to a Republican? How does a spiritual person have meaningful dialog with a religious person? How do we engage with our family and friends who see the world differently than we do?

Get Our Free Infographic: “HOW to TALK. LISTEN. BE HEARD. … for a world that works for everyone.”

This beautiful, free infographic shares Somseva’s 19 “MAXIMS” first introduced in the groundbreaking, original Somseva course “Communicating Across the Divide.” Hang it on your wall or bathroom mirror to remind yourself that you are a part of a world that works for everyone.

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Sacred Transformation Circle

Sacred Transformation Circle

Join us for our monthly Sacred Transformation Circle online. Check our Facebook group page to see the topic and details each month. Join the group to get notified. Click here for Facebook group page.





Listen to an Interview with Somseva Spiritual Director, Rev. Gregory Toole

June 29, 2017