What Just Happened?


Many across the United States and the world are in a period of shock as we take in and process what just happened in our recent elections. The result was surprising and has left most of us trying to understand what this means for us. This seems to be true even if our candidate won. President-elect Trump was a different kind of candidate than any in my lifetime.

Regardless of political affiliation, including those with no party affiliation, it seems we are all being called to something. If this recent election is symbolized by anything, it seems to be a desire for great change. My recent blog, The Deeper Call of the Election, turned out to be quite prophetic in retrospect as I spoke of this desire for change as the reason why such different candidates as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump gained popularity.

In discussion since the election, someone made the point that many argued that Donald Trump’s supporters included many who were uneducated, implying that those with less education somehow don’t deserve to be heard. Embarrassingly, I had to acknowledge that I was one who had referenced this fact.

Another wake up call for me was when I spoke to two young gay men in their twenties in Denver, a rather liberal city. They indicated they had voted for Donald Trump and I literally thought they were joking as they did not fit my profile of a Trump supporter in any way. What was the reason for their vote? They feel the country needs a major change.

This brought home to me what I had already wrote about – this is a time ripe for change as so many people are no longer willing to accept the status quo.

While some who voted for Trump may share some of his more extreme views that could be interpreted as racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory, it is hard to ignore this greater phenomenon of people insisting and demanding that we create a different kind of world.

It seems that our future hangs in the balance and each one of us is called to ask what kind of world we want to create. While many are anxious about what the President-elect will do once in office, rather than give in to fear, our energies are more worthy of being focused on what this is calling each of us to step up to.

Certainly, we should be vigilant and stand up to anything that would roll back progress around equality or in any other arena. At the same time, I believe the greater call is to take the opportunity to see where we each are not fully stepping up to fulfilling our own calling.

Many whom I’ve talked to are now feeling and acting on a greater sense of urgency and immediacy to usher in a world that represents the highest of what we want to create. It has been said that nature abhors a vacuum, and, in this atmosphere that is so ripe for change, there will likely be great change. Therefore, this is not a time to stand on the sidelines. Rather it is a time to be active with our voices, our actions, and our spiritual practice.

While the process of creation is not often comfortable, if we can open ourselves to the great possibilities that lay before us and replace resistance to change with active participation in change, it can also be a very exciting time.

With candidate Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, Donald Trump winning the electoral college vote based on voting by state, Bernie Sanders winning a significant percentage of votes in the primaries, third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson getting significant interest, and President Barack Obama leaving office with a high approval rating, there is no mandate for anyone.

Let us join in prayer and action to create a world that works for everyone.

Enjoy the journey.


  1. BJ Bishop says:

    I liked what you wrote – the UNITED STATES of AMERICA in going through a growth cycle. No matter who won we would have turmoil – (I believe). I believe we need some one with a vision, with a plan to bring us all on the same “page”. I pray for such a person to come forth daily.

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