Where’s the Perfection in Tragedy?


A friend recently asked me, where is the perfection in this recent tragedy in Orlando, Florida? My response was that any words that would try to explain divine perfection in that situation would just be platitudes, and there are no words that could describe divine perfection there.

When we relinquish the idea of an all-controlling God who controls all the affairs of humans, with that we accept that all manner of events will take place that represent where each one of us is, and where all of us are collectively, in our embodiment and expression of our divine nature, which is perfection.

Our nature is perfection. Our nature is love. Yet, because we are all free and have choice, it is up to each one of us to recognize our divinity and the divinity of all others. In the meantime, some will continue to engage in wars and other violent acts, and we will all be affected by that on some level.

Acts like the recent mass shooting in Orlando do not call us to trust less, nor to become more fearful, nor cynical. They call us to love more, to extend ourselves more in caring and compassion for others, and to stand even more clearly in the vision of a world that works for everyone.

It is the consciousness of love and wholeness that heals. If the world is to receive healing, it will happen through more love, and expanded consciousness of wholeness and oneness.

In tragedy that is perpetuated by another human being, our human tendency is to go into separation, to look for how the person who committed the violent acts is different from us, and to look at how to protect ourselves from “them” and those like them.

The greater calling is to do the opposite, to see it as a call to bring even more people into our sense of oneness, to love even more, to connect even more with those who seem different than us.

According to the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics, the differences in human beings of all ethnicities and races is defined by less than 0.1% of our DNA. In other words, for all human beings we share 99.9% of the same DNA. This should be a clue as to our oneness and how much more we have in common than differences.

For anyone who has traveled or really gotten to know people of different cultures, we can see that all of us human beings are fundamentally similar. It is ignorance and a sense of separateness that cause us to begin weaving wild stories about the “other” and their culture, and often this occurs in both directions to the point that animosity and fear continue to grow. It is these mythical stories that allow us to do harm to one another. Without them, it is unlikely for a healthy mind to commit acts of violence against others.

My friends, let’s not fall for any story that would have us believe that others are so different from us. Let’s find out first hand by listening deeply with an open mind and heart. We can honor and respect differences and be genuinely interested in learning about other people’s cultures and religions and, not only does it enrich our lives, but it also creates the possibility for world peace as each person fundamentally wants to be seen, honored, and respected for who they are.

My friends, we are truly all one. The call this day is to see, honor, love, and respect all of God’s children. Let us approach others with genuine interest and curiosity rather than fear. Let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves and let everyone know how deeply they are loved by God through us.

Enjoy the journey.

Gregory Toole offers spiritual coaching to individuals and groups who want to create and live extraordinary lives. For more information, go to gregorytoole.com.

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