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Being A Mystic in the Modern World


by Gregory Toole

A mystic is one who accesses divine wisdom without a process of reasoning or using external means. A mystic perceives spiritual truths within their own heart and consciousness. They “know” things. They are apt to see into the deeper meaning of things, not caught up in external appearances. By this definition, all of us are mystics, even though some may be more tapped into their mystic nature than others.

Does this definition of a mystic sound like you? Mystics are walking in this world, but they also have their attention in the greater world of the invisible divine nature and essence of everything.

My own mystic journey started at a very young age. I noticed that I knew things that were beyond my limited years of experience in this lifetime. I was often asked to be quiet and keep my thoughts to myself by well-meaning adults who didn’t understand, and who attributed my insights to the ramblings of a child. As a young adult in Philadelphia, I decided quickly to keep my spiritual insights to myself as I learned that not everyone was having the mystical experiences I was having, and many did not have a positive view of them.

Mystics may find it challenging at times to live in the modern world with its pressures to conform and its bias toward valuing of material things. They may also find it difficult at times to engage in what seem like normal conversations to others, but to mystics are unlike the deeper conversations that interest them.

Ultimately, mystics find social fulfillment with other mystics and those who are on a conscious spiritual journey. I fully blossomed and owned my own mystic nature when I found a sense of spiritual community in a Center for Spiritual Living. In that community I was not odd at all. In fact, my mystic nature was valued and appreciated there. I was encouraged to go deeper with it and to bring it forth more fully into serving the world.

It’s important for mystics to understand the great sacred role they play in this world. They are light workers, healers, writers, teachers, and spiritual mentors. For them, this lifetime is about more than just comfort in the things of this world. Their joy and delight in just being are examples to others to lighten up and not be so serious about the daily events that present themselves. The mystics are the lovers of humanity and all of life, speaking for fairness, respect, justice, peace, and equality. The mystics are the voice of oneness in disputes and war. The mystics are ultimately the ones who shine the light in times of darkness.

I thank all of you mystics and conscious spiritual journeyers out there for your spiritual path and all that you contribute to the world. You are not alone. Please keep shining your light and knowing that you make a difference.

Note: There are many generalizations here about mystics, but I have found them to be true of many mystics I have met.