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Taking the Leap

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What is the difference between those who follow their dreams and those who do not? One major difference is that those who follow their dreams eventually take a leap from where they are into the somewhat unknown. Some have called it a leap of faith. It is taking a step in the direction of a vision without knowing all the details of how it is going to work out.

Some who don’t follow their dreams are in a waiting pattern – waiting for just the right moment, waiting for the unknown to become known, waiting for the perfect conditions to present themselves, or just waiting for courage.

While patience is a good thing and paying attention to timing is wise, at some point there is a leap to be taken. Rarely are all the steps revealed in advance. Seldom is everything neatly arranged for our human comfort. However, what does occur is that a moment arises where we realize we have done all that we can to prepare for pursuing our dream. More importantly, there comes a time where the vision is pressing against us so firmly that to not take the leap would be to engage in significant resistance.

The time has arrived. We are as ready as we are going to be. There will not be some better time in the future. We may not be or have all that we will need to completely fulfill the vision, but we are all that we need to be to start it. Some gifts are not bestowed until we take the leap and we are committed. Then our clear “yes” begins to open doors that heretofore where not accessible to us.

The leap ultimately is part of advancing our soul work. And the soul does not advance through maintaining human comfort. It beckons us to reap a greater harvest that awaits us when we step into the infinitude of our being. It calls us to stretch in order to see what is possible.

To use a temporal example, in tennis some people decide to not try to return a particular shot because, in their mind, it is not possible to make. Others will go for the shot. Those who go for the shot often surprise themselves by making an incredible return shot. We cannot know what is possible without making the attempt. Deciding in advance what is possible and what is not possible is putting ourselves in a box of limitation.

When Moses of the Bible led his people out of bondage, there were many moments when the people moaned and groaned, and longed for the comfort of the familiar, even though the familiar was being in bondage. As Moses and his people made their way through many seeming obstacles on the way to the Promised Land, again and again the people lamented that if only they had stayed in Egypt (where they were in bondage) they would not be dealing with the present obstacles. And such is the nature of taking the leap. We are likely to question ourselves when we reach the uncomfortable parts of the journey and wonder if we were wise to ever have considered venturing into foreign lands.

These doubts are natural and should not deter us from continuing to move forward. What’s important to remember are all the times that we surmount the seeming obstacles. When we find ourselves in the midst of a seeming obstacle, we can remember all the times we thought we’d encountered an insurmountable obstacle only to find ourselves on the other side of the Red Sea.

The invitation this day is when the soul calls you and the moment is ripe, take the leap! Step into the mystery and begin to offer your gifts and your vision to the world.

Enjoy the journey.

Is It Time to Make a Change?

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by Gregory Toole

Making a major change in life is not something to be taken lightly. It is wisely done with great care, vision and forethought. At some point, the moment arrives when we are called to make a leap, a stretch into the unknown, or the lesser known.

It is this time that requires us to summon our courage, to move out of any inertia that might keep us stuck in what is comfortable. It is easy for us to rationalize staying where we are, sticking it out, or finding a way for minor modifications to make our existing circumstances more palatable or enjoyable. These rational choices may be perfect for us, unless we are ignoring or avoiding a greater calling into newness, perhaps from fear because the change represents a significant departure from where we’ve been.

Sometimes there is something that just won’t let us go. We may have tried to let it go, forget about it, or ignore it, and yet somehow it keeps coming back into our minds and hearts. It is a pull from somewhere deeper within us that wants us to go for more, that urges us to be larger, to not settle. It is the thing that we simply must do if we are to be at peace with ourselves, if we are to feel fulfilled in our authentic purpose.

Years ago when I was completing a master’s degree, the former presidential candidate, Ross Perot, came to speak at our school. This was prior to him running for president. Back then he was mainly known as a successful businessperson. It surprised me, being that he was a billionaire, that he told us to do the thing that we absolutely must do, the thing we can’t not do. That really moved me and I never forgot it.

While there are no easy answers to what is the right timing to make a major change, here are five questions to ask yourself that might help you decide:

  1. Is there a goal or vision that keeps coming up no matter how hard you’ve tried to ignore it?
  2. Have you postponed something for so long that continuing to postpone it is having an adverse effect on your energy and your sense of well-being?
  3. Are you at a point where your energy is not being directed into what feels authentic to you?
  4. Do you feel that you’ve played it safe for an extended period of time?
  5. Do you get excited, feel expanded or energized when you think about making the change?

Your yeses to these questions may indicate that it’s time to make that change. Only you know. Follow your divine wisdom, the wisdom of your heart. When the clear “yes” comes, go for it!

Enjoy the journey!

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