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Health Is Your Natural State

beautiful four years old with watermelon

by Gregory Toole

The human body is quite the work of art, its organs of varying colors and its functions so amazingly calibrated, with billions of cells all working together to orchestrate a healthy body. It is designed to be healthy.

We often treat our bodies more like machines, and while one could certainly relate some aspects of bodily function to being mechanical, its organic self-generating and self-renewing properties make it so much more than that.

The body’s relationship to our spiritual and mental well being is another dimension beyond the physical and mechanical. Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy, said “Health and sickness are largely externalizations of our dominant mental and spiritual states.”

It is fascinating how, even as practitioners of metaphysics, we sometimes engage in discussions about germs and viruses, and ‘catching something,’ when we know that there is always something to catch in the atmosphere, but our susceptibility to it is largely dependent on our spiritual and mental state.

New Thought spiritual teaching largely derived from mind-body healing successes. It was the healing of diseases like tuberculosis (which had no known external cure at the time) through spiritual and mental means that laid the foundation for modern metaphysical teachings around healing and manifestation in all areas of life.

It is easy to shy away from thinking that dis-ease has a mental or spiritual cause because we want to be compassionate with the patient and don’t want to blame a person for being sick. While it is true that one who is sick is not at fault and should not be blamed or shamed, it is also true what Ernest Holmes said about the role of our mental and spiritual states in health and sickness.

That we are powerful creators of our reality is always both good news and bad news – good news when we are able to manifest something wonderful, and bad news when seemingly negative things show up in our lives and we have to take responsibility (but not blame) for them.

And so it is with our health. Our natural state is wholeness and wellness. If we get out of balance mentally or spiritually we can create dis-ease in the body. However, we are also able to maintain a healthy body by keeping our mental and spiritual states in balance and in harmony with life. And just the same, we are able to restore our bodies from illness to physical wellness by re-aligning with balance, wholeness, and harmony. Of course, we are also served by taking care of the body’s physical needs, such as good nutrition and exercise. These are part of living in balance and harmony with life.

I do want to note that optimum health manifests differently for each person, and it is good to stay out of judgment about others, and rather understand and create what optimum health looks like for ourselves, while supporting others in knowing what it looks like for them.

A votre santé! (To your health!) Let us stay in balance and harmony, even as life has its way of ebbing and flowing. Let’s remain in the flow of life, not resisting, but embracing the current of life that moves us hither and thither, as we remember that we create, but we do not control.

Enjoy the journey.

Do Mytics Age?

by Gregory Toole

As I am now unquestionably a part of what the world refers to as “middle-aged,” I come to the place where changes in my physical body meet the principles of New Thought metaphysical teachings. In my 20s and 30s, one of my mantras had been “mind over matter.” Later, that mantra changed to reflect a more holistic view of spirit, mind, and body as an integral wholeness reflecting the degree to which I aligned with a vibration of well-being.

All of my favorite professional athletes, in every sport I follow, eventually retire, realizing they are no longer able to perform at the highest levels in comparison to younger athletes. Most of the top athletes in all major sports are now young enough for me to be their parent. In fact, now I am older than a good many of the coaches. All of this does lead me to reflect on my personal status as an athlete, or even as one whose body is still optimally healthy.

A couple years ago, I played basketball with some teenagers and one of them said to his teammate, referring to me, “You cover the old guy.” Of course, given the age difference, I couldn’t really be offended, yet it was a reminder that my status as an athlete had changed over the years.

In 2007, I went to a book launch in San Francisco for the great yoga master, BKS Iyengar, one of my spiritual teachers (by way of his writings). At 89 years old, the benefits of his yoga practice were evident in how well he looked physically, and yet, as we might expect, he did look different than he did in photos of him in yoga poses at a much younger age.

It is true that the body does change with age, and it is also true that the principles of metaphysics still apply at every age. Alignment of spirit, mind and body has tremendous healing power. My alignment of body, mind, and spirit is still serving me quite well. The state of each of these aspects of our being really do affect each other. This is not a sequential proposition. It is in taking care of each of these aspects of our being that we take care of all three of these aspects of our being. Neglecting any one of them is neglecting the others.

We take care of our spirit by living our lives in the vibration of love, wholeness, and harmony. We take care of our mind by keeping it engaged and active. We take care of our bodies through movement, stretching, eating well, and getting proper rest. Through mindful (aware/awake/conscious) engagement, we may find ways to take care of all three at the same time, such as through the practice of yoga or through otherwise mindfully engaging our spirit, mind, and body simultaneously.

Even for mystics and practitioners of metaphysical spiritual principles, the body still changes. However, the difference is that when we align spirit, mind, and body, through regular practice, we are attentive to what each aspect – spirit, mind, and body – needs at each stage of life so that we may continue to be healthy and vibrant, while not necessarily the same as we were at previous ages.