Community Conversations

Somseva hosts Community Conversations on a variety of contemporary topics. The purpose is to engage with others to gain deeper understanding of diverse points of view. In a world where we often see divisiveness, this is a forum for deep listening and holding the space for all points of view. It is founded on the spiritual truth of wholeness, that as spiritual beings having a human experience, we are capable of seeing beyond the seeming opposites to a greater truth that reveals a world that works for everyone.

Ultimately, creating a world that works for everyone becomes a creativity challenge: how do we find the solutions that reconcile, include, and honor all points of view? This begins with a genuine desire to understand one another and what is important to each of us.

The Ground Rules

  • Listen with an open mind and an open heart.
  • Don’t make anyone wrong.
  • Speak authentically from your own point of view.

The Format

There are opportunities for whole group discussion and sharing, and break out sessions that allow for smaller group engagement. You will be invited to share your point of view on a set of questions related to the topic, and to actively listen to others share their point of view. We will discover common ground as well as leave room for differences of opinion. It is not a debate; it is an opportunity to take a genuine interest in what is important to others and to have them do the same for you.

Watch this space for announcements of future conversations or check the Somseva Facebook group events page (click here).

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