Transforming the Planet Through Self-Acceptance

by Gregory Toole

Metaphysical spiritual principle tells us that we can ultimately have in life what we can accept. This is a simple proposition, but not always easy in practice. Ralph Waldo Emerson implored us to get our “bloated nothingness out of the path.” This is much of our sacred work.

Right now, we are certainly experiencing a paradigm shift in our world. The physical evidence is everywhere, from global warming to the dawning revelation that war is obsolete.  And yet, what are we individually to do with all of this? I suggest that the first thing is to accept our own power and presence, or more accurately, the power and presence of the divine within us.

In accepting our divinity, we are accepting that we have infinite capability to make a difference in our world. Perhaps the greatest capability we have is to contribute a wellspring of joy, peace, and love everywhere we go. I’m not speaking of just being a “nice person.” I am speaking of being so grounded in our divinity that we ooze joy, that we are the embodiment of pure peace, and that we are the picture of love itself. This is our divine capacity and a powerful opportunity to transform our planet. The more of our divinity we embody, the more we become powerful forces of non-resistance and we can say to the mountain, “move,” and it will move.

Since our potential in this area is infinite, we need not be critical of ourselves and where we are today – that doesn’t serve anyone. Instead, let us be grateful for what we are offering today and grateful for our infinite potential to make a difference in our world, and let us proceed from there to steep even deeper in our spiritual practice and offer up its fruits to our world.

You are a transformative presence on the planet. Thanks for who you are.


A Spiritual View on Marriage Equality

by Gregory Toole

As we read about marriage equality and hear arguments before the United States Supreme Court, it is easy to say, “This is a political issue; I’ll stay out of it.” In reality, this is a human and civil rights issue.

If we can move into our hearts, we can evolve humanity past its criticisms and judgments and into its deep-felt divine wisdom that has infinite capacity to guide us into higher choices. We can move from incremental evolution into that place where all that we need to know can be known now. How much suffering could be alleviated if we could come to the place where we see the full divinity of others without having to first move it through our filter of fear and ignorance? Think about how much suffering could have been alleviated in the civil rights movements of the 60s and 70s if, instead of the filter of humanity’s lowest common denominator, we saw directly into the divinity and equality of African Americans and women?

We now have the capacity to go directly to higher wisdom. Higher wisdom, the wisdom from divine knowledge, is not arrived at through debates and slaying all of our inner demons first. It is arrived at by a willingness to let go of all that, to let go of our fears and prejudices, and to open to divine knowing.

Higher wisdom calls us to see ourselves fully in the mirror, recognizing our own inherent divinity, knowing that once we see our own divinity, it will be impossible to not see the divinity of others.

When we see our own and others’ divinity, we can only want the best for others and want them to have all we would want for ourselves. For it is only in our sense of separateness, and our false belief that difference equates to something to be feared or something less than divine, that we persecute and withhold equal treatment for others.

The call is to enter into our hearts this day and ask from our deepest sense of compassion and love, who would we cast out of heaven? Who would we deny happiness and fulfillment? Who would we deny equal treatment under any human-made laws? Love will surely point us to inclusion, equality, and freedom for all. We don’t need to debate this with anyone. It is already a truth planted deeply in the heart of all whose soul springs forth from eternity. We simply need to call each other into our hearts.

May all beings everywhere be happy. May all beings everywhere be well.


Rev. Gregory Toole

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