Let’s Create a New Paradigm

I am willing to be part of creating a new paradigm in our country that represents mutual respect, tolerance for different opinions, working together across the political spectrum, dignity for all people, loving and kind communication, compassion for each person’s unique situation in life, truly “seeing” each other, deeply listening to one another, integration whereby the needs of businesses, workers, the young, the elderly, and the earth are all accounted for, and so much more that represents our light and the greater possibilities that result from working together.

Sometimes we need to hit a bottom before we can birth something new. I believe last week’s events in Washington, DC represent one of those bottoms.

I really do feel something new and better is emerging, and I am so willing to be a part of that.

It is not about one politician over another politician. It is about our collective evolution. It is about raising the bar higher.

How about if we each take a good look in the mirror and see any of the ways that we are contributing to division, and go beyond that to see the ways we could contribute to sowing unity and mutual respect. We must stop thinking that those of differing opinions are our enemies.

We have all contributed to creating our current situation, so we can all contribute to changing it.

I am holding so much love and compassion for every being on this planet right now as, together, we usher in the new paradigm.

It’s happening. Don’t be thrown off by appearances to the contrary.

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