Ten Signs of a Conscious Relationship


In contemplating what constitutes a healthy, conscious relationship, I came up with this list of signs, or key indicators, of relationships that are highly functional. I’m sure there are other things that could be added to the list, but this  addresses some key areas of relationship health. These signs apply to romantic relationships as well as to other forms of relationship. Areas where we feel we are not expressing in the most healthy way represent opportunities for growth. Here they are:

  1. Each person is willing to grow and learn, and the relationship fosters growth and expansion for each person.
  2. You can talk about anything. What needs to be said can be (and is) said.
  3. Each person is free of addictions or committed to being free.
  4. Disagreements are handled with relative ease, without sweeping things under the rug.
  5. Taking responsibility for one’s experience and actions is the norm, rather than blaming or projecting.
  6. Being in the relationship feels expansive, rather than contracting.
  7. Each person can freely and authentically be who they are.
  8. There is a balance between time spent together and time spent apart.
  9. There are common goals and interests, as well as individual goals and interests.
  10. The most frequent experience of being together is joy.

Gregory is offering an online four-week class starting November 27 entitled “Creating Win-Win Relationships. Click here for more information.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Gregory, your conscious relationship list is as a healty relationship should be. I’m still working on no. 3 with cigarettes. The rest of the list sounds normal to me but I’ve haven’t met anyone that see things this way. Unfortunately your schedule classes are during my work shift. I wouldn’t be home in time. Namaste

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