Freedom through Non-Attachment

In celebration of the July 4th holiday in the U.S., representing freedom and independence, I am re-posting this blog from two years ago.


dolphin swimming

About ten years ago, I participated in a 10-day silent Buddhist Vipassana meditation retreat in northern California. During the ten days, silence was to be observed at all times, the exception being that during breaks we could kneel before the teacher and ask a brief question.

The word Vipassana means to see things as they really are. Vipassana meditation is an ancient Indian practice that was rediscovered by Gautama Buddha himself some 2,500 years ago and resurrected by him as a practice for mastery of life.

Our retreat was led by Indian teacher S.N. Goenka from a distance through audio and video recordings, with his approved teachers physically present to guide us.

The key teaching in Vipassana is impermanence. The word Anicca (pronounced ah-nee-cha) means impermanence — things rise and pass. It is from the ancient Indian language, Pali, in which many of the earliest Buddhist literature is written. During…

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  1. Bette Jean Bishop says:

    Thank you Rev Toole,
    Today and any day is a day to celebrate our freedom – all mankind is free. To live in the USA and be able to be who you want to be is priceless. I am a spiritual being having a human experience – no matter where I am. I am so very grateful for you and all the spiritual teachers/leaders in my life. I am becoming awake from the dream. Namaste, bj

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