Please Do Talk to Strangers


In 1989, I moved to San Francisco. For three months I was in bliss – the beautiful bay, progressive and conscious people, great restaurants, and so much more. Then an earthquake, the magnitude of which had not been experienced since 1906, rocked the Bay Area. The first night, driving home from work, the city that normally was all lit up, was nearly completely dark.

The next day, people wandered the streets, most looking somewhat dazed and in shock. There were no strangers that day. Everyone I encountered spoke to one another, sharing news and sharing where they were when the quake hit. People set up random stations where they cooked food for those who were displaced from their homes.

Philosopher Ernest Holmes wrote in his book, Science of Mind, “Think of the whole world as your friend.”

There were no strangers that day. Suddenly, this booming city was transformed into a small, close-knit community.

As I recently walked through Denver, my current city of residence, I noticed how everyone was rushing by one another, seemingly unaware of their interconnectedness with everyone else. Mind you, Denver is in fact one of the friendliest cities in which I’ve lived.

This day, however, I was reminded of the day San Francisco was transformed into the land where there were no strangers. I pondered how it took a natural disaster to awaken us to how important we are to each other.

The invitation this day is to really see your fellow travelers on the planet, to remember our interconnectedness, and perhaps to actually talk to a stranger. As twentieth century Irish poet, W.B. Yeats, said, “There are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet.” Have fun with your new friends!

Enjoy the journey.

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