Finding and Loving THE One

A Heart with Copy Space

Last week, at the invitation of a friend, I attended an event that was focused on love and intimacy for both singles and couples, particularly centered on really seeing each other. While most of us were complete strangers to one another, within minutes we were in deep connection one-on-one as we moved around a circle making eye contact for extended periods.

This sort of experience is not new to me as I have both facilitated and participated in such experiences before. Yet, it was still profound and is profound every time for me. It is always a reminder of how often we really don’t see each other, of how often protective walls are erected in our energy fields to keep us secure from the others. At the same time, it was a reminder of how we all deeply want connection. There was not a single person who did not appear to be totally relishing the experience, albeit we were a group that chose to be there having some idea of what was in store.

All in all, I don’t find this group any different from the rest of humanity. Deep down it is my experience and observation that we all want deep connection. Time and again when I have facilitated or participated in gatherings where we are encouraged to let down the wall and to look deeply into the eyes of others, I find without exception that we all dive into the experience, even when it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

It has often been said that the eyes are the window to the soul and this type of experience would surely be evidence of that. Something magical, deep, and profound happens when we look into each other’s eyes and really see who is in there, not just their external persona. And what we always seem to see is beauty, love, compassion, vulnerability, longing for love and acceptance, joy, and pain, but mostly just profound beauty.

All of our judgments about body types, fashion wear choices, posturing, and other external effects are gone. What is left is the real person and the real person is always truly, deeply beautiful. And it is so easy to love that person and be loved by that person, and so easy to love ourselves when being seen so purely for who we are.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, where some celebrate romantic love, may we find and love THE one, and realize that THE one is ourselves. In coming into our true selves and loving our self, perhaps looking into our own eyes in the mirror, may we then truly see all others and allow ourselves to be seen by others.

In a world where we are truly seeing others and truly allowing them to see us, we find love and beauty everywhere, not just in one partner whom we either search for or whom we have already chosen to love. When love is our common experience, how much more love can we then share with a partner if we choose to be in partnership?

Today’s invitation is to see and be seen, to extend love and allow love in, and, most of all, to discover the truly beautiful being that you are and to love yourself unconditionally.

Enjoy the journey.

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