Prospering in Your Calling


Most of us experience this interesting dilemma in life: can we follow our calling and put all of our energy into it, or do we need to follow our calling on the side after working the job that pays our bills? Or further still, do we need to put off our calling until after retirement from the career from which we have made our living?

While there are no easy answers to these questions as they are very personal to each individual, I will share a couple spiritual principles that have the possibility to free us from this dilemma.

The first spiritual principle of prosperity is that we have an unlimited divine Source. For most of us, this principle is just a theory, or an ultimate reality that has little bearing on our day-to-day experience. We give thanks for the abundance we experience, but still feel a great deal of limitation.

The salient question becomes, how does this spiritual principle of unlimited prosperity become our reality? Firstly, like any principle, we must practice it. Practicing it means delving deeply into it, asking how do I connect to this principle. Do I even believe in the principle?

Our connection to the first principle brings us to the second important prosperity principle: the law of circulation. This second principle is keenly related to the first. In knowing that we have an unlimited divine source, we put ourselves in the flow of that source by becoming like that source and freely giving of our own resources.

In the Christian religion that principle is known as tithing. While tithing may have gotten a bad reputation depending on how it was applied in various settings, the law of circulation, upon which it is based, is solid.

Tithing specifically refers to giving ten percent of the first fruits of our labor. That is, we put ten percent of all money we make back into circulation, ideally toward that which supports the highest divine use. It is up to each of us personally to discern the highest divine use. The key is that we are giving back unselfishly and without expectation of anything in return.

For many, if they are not currently practicing the law of circulation, ten percent feels out of reach. Others may question whether it needs to be ten percent. I found that the best way to start is by simply acknowledging that there is a law of circulation and beginning to play with it at whatever level of giving feels comfortable. Then pay attention to how you feel and what you begin to experience.

When we practice the law of circulation with love and openness, our relationship to it will evolve naturally. When we begin to see that we feel more prosperous and more free with our money, we naturally might consider giving more. When we begin to experience the relationship between the law of circulation and being in the flow with our unlimited source, there is a natural tendency toward giving more. We don’t have to force it or try to figure it out.

And perhaps most importantly, we don’t have to believe what anyone else says about the law of circulation (including this author). We can try it out for ourselves. When trying it out, however, we want to be sure to do it with an open heart and mind, and truly practice it. If we are skeptical, it helps if we start with an amount of giving that feels comfortable.

Why not give it a try? It is possible that practicing the law of circulation is just the thing that will make 2016 your most prosperous year ever.

Enjoy the journey.

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