A Different Holiday To-Do List

I posted a photo (author unknown) to Facebook last year around the holidays, and re-posted it this year, that contains an alternative holiday to-do list. Here’s the list with what’s crossed off and suggestions for what replaces it:

holiday to-do list
Perhaps the list should be renamed the Holiday To-Be List.

As I move about my days during this holiday season, I often hear conversations about the items on this list, all of which are just fine as originally written, until they begin to overly cause stress or obscure the true spirit of the season.

I can’t help but envision how the season would be if more of us were using the revised list in the picture above. We’d probably all feel much more connected to the season and wouldn’t lose much at all. If we get the lights up, fine. If not, that’s okay too, as long as we get to experience the joy and peace that represent the season of light.

And, what if instead of going into debt or stressing over buying gifts we gave others the gift of our full presence, overflowing with joy and peace? What if we gave the whole world that gift? Would that not be more satisfying than all those gifts that get returned the day after Christmas or those that are hardly used because, while well-intended, they really weren’t what soothes the soul?

The invitation this day is to give yourself permission to create anew your holiday traditions, or at least to check-in and ask yourself how well they are connecting you to the spirit of the season.

May your heart be filled with joy and peace this holiday season.

Enjoy the journey.


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