Prosperity Secret: The Magic of Giving

Female hand holding beautiful gold gift box with red bow isolated on white background

by Gregory Toole

The word “secret” is in the title because the truth of the law of circulation is hidden or mysterious to many. The law of circulation occurs much like breathing. We exhale so that we may inhale again. None of us would consider only inhaling. We must give of our breath, which then also frees us to receive the next breath. The law of circulation works like this with money, time, talents, and most anything else.

The secret is to give with a joyful heart, without any concern about getting anything in return. The funny thing is we will get something in return, but that is not something for us to be concerned about. That is simply the result of the law of circulation working automatically and being invoked every time we give unconditionally.

My sweetest experience with the law of circulation occurred several years ago with a swift demonstration. I had just completed a workshop that was already paid for. I decided that I would tithe to the presenter anyway because I had received so much value from what she offered. As I went to retrieve my checkbook, a funny thought popped into my mind. I thought, “Isn’t it funny how happy I am to give this money, and how I have no need to get anything in return, and yet there is this law of circulation, and I will, in fact, get something in return.” It gave me a chuckle, and then I went about writing my check.

I handed the check to the workshop presenter and no sooner than I could take a step or two, a man I knew handed me an envelope that appeared to contain a check. I opened the envelope and there was a tithe check to me in appreciation for some writing I had done, and it was much larger than the tithe check I had just written, by orders of magnitude. My heart was full of gratitude as I was reminded once again that we cannot out-give our divine source. What we give joyfully and freely is always returned back to us multiplied many times.

We do encounter people who appear to be prosperous and do not seem to be participating with the law of circulation through joyful giving. But how often do we also hear of people who do not feel prosperous, no matter how much money they make, who speak of strain and struggle in making their money and also in maintaining it?

If it is freedom we seek with our money and in our life, then giving freely, joyfully, and generously is the way to go. That includes our time, money, and talents, but we don’t want to make the mistake of substituting one for the other. Pay attention to where there is resistance in giving and that is the most important place to give in that moment. For example, if we are very willing to give our time, but not our money, we may ask, why do I not feel free with money? No matter how much money we acquire in that mindset, we will never feel that it is enough.

If it is our time or talents that that we are resistant to give, then we may similarly ask what is it that doesn’t allow us to be free with those, because we won’t be able to fully enjoy and be free with our time or talents either if we are unwilling to share them freely.

When we really understand the law of circulation, it truly frees us to enjoy all of our prosperity, and we become the most generous of givers because we are free from the idea that giving could cause a shortage for ourselves.

The invitation this day is to give all you have joyfully and generously, without any expectation of anything in return. Then have fun watching the many ways that the universe gives right back to you many times over.

Enjoy the journey.

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