Comedy or Tragedy? (Or Sermon?)

by Gregory Toole

It seems that everything I experience in life either engenders within me the wisdom of some deep and profound spiritual truth, fit for a sermon, or something outrageously funny enough to develop a comedy routine.

Is this how everyone experiences life, or is it just me? During the years that I led a spiritual center in California, I always had plenty of material for my talks, such as when I ran out of gas in a small town and suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared a whole set of minions to push my car to safety. As I think about it, that one turned into both sermon and comedy material, and I mixed the two the Sunday that followed the event.

It seems that the more absurd and challenging the situation, the more material there is for a sermon and/or a comedy routine, such as the time many years ago when I was just getting my entrepreneurial wings. I was without a car, so I took a bus to the destination of a client, or so I thought. This was before the days of Google Maps and other such apps, and the bus ride left me with quite a long walk to the client’s location. It was also quite a hot day, so as I began to walk, I also began to perspire. By the time I arrived at my destination, I was quite late (and sweaty), which curtailed the amount of work I could do for the client based on his schedule. As I left the client at the end of our time together, walking back toward the bus, a bit humiliated, I began to calculate how much I had earned for all of my efforts. It amounted to $12.50.

Suddenly, a big smile came over my face and I had a good laugh. It was too absurd for me to be upset. It was certainly material worthy of a comedy routine or a sermon, but surely not material for a tragedy. It was too funny for that.

We really do get to choose whether the events in our lives represent a comedy or a tragedy, or perhaps a sermon. For me, they ultimately end up in a sermon, mixed with some comedy.

May lightness fill your heart and experience.



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